Generators for Small Wind turbines

We have developed highly efficient patent pending technology of direct drive generators for Distributed & Community Wind turbines.


Generators for BioGas & BioDiesel engines

Our generator technology has unique advantages for power generation

Motors for Electric Vehicles

EVR's motors fits to any type of electric & hybrid vehicles, starting from cars to heavy machinery and ships.

First negotiations have been held with leading vehicle companies.

Generators for Large Wind turbines

Our novel direct drive generator technology is scalable up to 8MW wind turbines.

Design in progress.



Generators for Tidal turbines

Our novel direct drive generator technology is scalable up to 2MW Tidal turbines




Generators for Marine Applications

Power generators with high efficiency for marine applications, such as ships and military applications are planned.


The Need

Recently, wind turbine design optimization philosophy has been shifting from a predominant reliance on gearboxes towards an increased use of direct-drive technology with permanent magnet generators (PMGs). This trend has been motivated by customer demand for increased reliability (following experiences with bearing-related gearbox failures) and the higher power-to-weight ratios attainable in turbines with direct drives. Across the entire wind power market, direct drives will take 25% market share by 2015 (Navigant).

The Product
EVR Motors developed & tested a patent-pending novel, direct drive generator for variable RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) input sources. The technology is based on a unique design of the generator magnetic system and topology.
Our novel design enables the use of magnets in the generator from both sides, removes entirely the iron from the rotor, and less electrical steel is being used.
As such our generator uses significantly less iron, magnets and copper.

 IRTFPM - Ironless Rotor Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet

• Lightweight – at least 50% lighter than others (~10kg/kW), leading to a cost reduction of the turbine & its installation.

• High efficiency – above 94%, leading to significant increase in the capacity factor of the turbine.
• No need for expensive transformer in off-grid systems – the generator can directly produce low voltage & high current.
• Attractive prices.



Partners & Investors

 Horizon Green Tech Ventures

Alstom Power    Rotem Industries



World Wind Energy Association  Israeli Wind Energy Association


System Partners


Fortis Wind EnergyLight Wind Turbines


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